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In the 1970's, I was the happy-go-lucky daughter of a Miami undercover narcotics agent. By the time I was in high school, Dad was in prison for smuggling 12,000 pounds of marijuana. By then, I was already filling the void he had left in my life with a massive drug habit of my own. It was the perfect set up for the only connection to Dad that remained when he was paroled from prison---cocaine. After a few years of abusing coke with Dad, I had traded everything and everyone I cared about and was forced to choose between my life and my father.

2_me_dad 1973.jpeg
Lynn Walker and Dad

Life with (and without) Dad

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Me, After Dad

Lynn Walker, Author

For many years, I worked with teens whose parents were drug addicts. My work with those resilient teens compelled me to reconnect with my estranged father, and I began writing my memoir, Midnight Calling. My next book, Breaking Midnight, I wrote based on numerous interviews with my Dad about his life as a Miami undercover narc turned smuggler. 


After a 20+ year career in the environmental field, I began writing full-time in 2022. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, two teenagers, two cats and two Lagotto dogs.

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