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Book Awards & Being Good Enough

I'm really honored and humbled (okay, REALLY excited too) that my book, Midnight Calling, has been named a finalist for the Kindle Book Awards. But like any good external validation, I'm hooked. Now, I really want to WIN this award. Yes, yes, in the top five is great. But #1—wouldn't that be amazing? Then I started looking at the other books in the top five and comparing my book to those books. That's when I knew I was in trouble!

I know all about comparing myself to others and how lovely that always turns out. There's a saying in recovery meetings: don't compare your inside world to other people's outside worlds. Because I see my flaws clearly, but other people look like they've got their shit together. But how do I know? Maybe they, too, just pulled the car over and told their snarky teenager he'd have to walk home from school if he kept talking so disrespectfully. (Hey, we were only a half-mile from home, the exercise did him good.) Who knows what other people are struggling with?

And who knows which book will be #1 this year? Or why? So, I stopped looking at the other nonfiction finalists, wished the other authors well, crossed my fingers for Midnight Calling to win and went back to work on my next book.

Just for today, top five is good enough.

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