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Behind-the-Scenes Audiobook Production

Sneak peak at audiobook production of Midnight Calling: A Memoir of a Drug Smuggler's Daughter with amazing actress and narrator Paige Reisenfeld. Listen here:

And if you've ever wondered how audiobooks are made, watch Paige & me during an InstagramLive event on March 16 at 2pm (PDT)/5pm (EDT) to get some fun behind-the-scenes peeks (and listens) of Midnight Calling in-the-making.

NEVER DONE INSTAGRAMLIVE? InstagramLive events are fun and easy. Just go to my Instagram page @walkermemoir on 3/16 at 2pm (PDT)/5pm (EDT) and click on my profile picture, which will have the red word "LIVE" on it. Then you'll see me & Paige talking (don't worry, you're not live, just us, though you can submit questions/comments if you want). Also, if you follow me on Instagram @walkermemoir, you'll get a notice on March 16 when we go live. Join us!


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