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Writing One Page at a Time

This little soul is my only writer's block ("Go on! Touch that keyboard!"). For the past 15 years, I have managed to keep writing my memoir while raising two really cool kids--now teenagers--building a passive-solar, strawbale house and maintaining a successful career that I love but which has nothing to do with my writing life.

Finally, my memoir about life with Dad, a narcotics agent who became a drug smuggler, is ready to see the light of day! This story that has been burning inside me for decades is about to be published (not traditionally, as I had dreamed, but hey, life is what happens when you're making other plans).

So much gratitude for all the writers' groups, beta readers, proofreaders, fellow writing comrade and mentor (Kay Kenyon), one kick-ass editor (Eileen Pollack) and a designer who I will work with for the book cover in the coming month.

For other writers out there, just keep writing, one page at a time!


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